Appellation Blaye is Reserved for red still wine, located north east ( Red ) within the Bordeaux wine area as seen in our Bordeaux wine glass. 

Blaye is a historic town located on the East bank of the Gironde Estuary.  Blaye sits 50 kilometers North of Bordeaux and 10 kilometers across from the Medoc. Family producing vineyards remain at the heart of the appellation with wine producers creating wines with passion.

Ranging from limestone and clay on the hillsides to soils with more gravel, sand and chalk at the bottom of the slopes and on the flats.

Blaye features a wide array of terroirs and soils.

To comply with regulations, the vines have a minimal density of planting of 6,000 vines per hectare.  Red wines made in the Blaye appellation are blended predominantly from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabarnet Franc grape varieties.  These are the mainstays of modern Bordeaux wines.  Appellation laws also permit the use of small quantities of Malbec, Petit Verdot and even Carmenere although this is rarely seen.

The Merlot grape gives deep colour and lots of fruit, producing well rounded, aromatic and richly flavoured wines. Cabernert Sauvignon imparts length on the palate and provides tannic structure, great for long ageing.

Wines are subject of  a minimum ageing process,  at least until the 15th March of the second year following that of the harvest.  After the rearing period the wines are then marketed to the consumer, from 31st March of the second year following the year of harvest.

Geographical/Appellation designation Blaye, guarantees that the grape harvest, wine making, development and ageing of wines are made in the following Municipalities in Gironde:

Anglade, Berson, Blaye, Braud et Saint Louis, Campugnan, Cars, Cartelegue, Cavignac, Cezac, Civrac de Blaye, Cubnezais, Donnezac, Etauliers, Eyrans, Ovens, Generac, Laruscade, Marcenais, Marcillac, Marsas, Mazion, Plassac, Pleine Selve, the part of the municipality corresponding to Pugnac , Reignac, Saint Androny,
Saint Aubin de Blaye, Saint Caprais de Blaye, Saint Christoly de Blaye, Saint Ciers sur Gironde, Saint Genes de Blaye, Saint Girons d'Aiguevives, Saint Mariens, Saint Martin Lacaussade, Saint Palais, Saint Paul, Saint Savin Saint Seurin de Cursac, Saint Vivien de Blaye, Saint Yzan de Soudiac and Saugon.

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