Bordeaux Haut Benauge

Bordeaux Haut Benauge is reserved for white still wines, located south east ( Green ) within the Bordeaux wine region as seen in our Bordeaux wine glass. 

Wines with the appellation Haut Benauge, must meet the production requirements. 

The Grape varieties within this appellation are the following; Semillon, sauvignon, sauvignon gris and muscadelle. The wines also have to have a minimum alcoholic strength of 11%.

The soils in this area are mainly clay and limestone.

Enjoying a climate that is conducive to the development of Botrytis (noble rot) the appellation Haut Bengauge produces lively and powerful sweet white wines with colours that are warm and golden.  

Wine mainly offer you a beautiful aroma of fresh yellow flowers with a hint of citrus and exotic fruit.  

On the palate, you are hit by the rich and elegant round taste leaving a long smooth finish.  Ageing potential for these wines can be up to 8 years.

For the geographical name appellation of origin Haut-Benauge, the grape harvest, wine making must be carried out on the territory of the following communes in the Gironde departments:

Arbis, Cantois, Escoussans, Gornac, Ladaux, Mourens, Saint Pierre de Bat, Soulignac and Targon.

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