Château Talbot



Fourth Grand Cru Classé Médoc, Chateau Talbot is spread over 107 hectares of vineyards with a large majority of red vines (102 hectares) and a confidential area of ​​white vines (5 hectares) in the commune of Saint-Julien, since it contains no less than 11 classified wines. Chateau Talbot is the embodiment of Saint Julien's ideal, generous bouquet, very stable and sure to ageing, which does not prevent it even in its early youth to be amiable and round, always marked by silky and sweet tannins , Very civilised.


Undeniably, Château Talbot is one of the most famous Médoc wines. This beautiful reputation is undoubtedly due to a mysterious combination of factors, such as the size of its vineyards, nearly a hundred hectares, and the regularity of its wine. Almost a century in the same family, the name Talbot is concise and hard, easy to pronounce in all languages ​​and part of our history ... However, the first thing that makes Talbot popular is the wonderful nature of its wine.

Chateau Talbot is the epitome of the ideal and generous bouquet of Saint Julien, very stable and sure of ageing, which does not prevent it, even in its youth, to be amiable and round, always marked by silky and sweet tannins.


Chateau Talbot produces 3 wines

Chateau Talbot (Grand Cru Classé) average annual production 315,000 bottles

Connibable Talbot

Chateau Talbot - Caillou Blanc

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