Cotes de Blaye

Cotes de Blaye is reserved for dry white still wines, located north east ( Red ) within the Bordeaux wine area as seen in our Bordeaux wine glass. 

Blaye appellation Cotes De Blaye is geographically located 50 kilometers from Bordeaux and 10 Kilometers from the Medoc.  Sitting on the right bank the historical town is full of history.   The area consists of hills, rolling slopes and flat land.  

Great location from the ocean combined with 240 days of strong sunshine a year,  this gives the area a almost  perfect temperate climate favorable for viticulture winegrowers.   

To comply with regulations for the Cotes de Blaye plantation of vines, there is a minimum density of 4,500 vines per hectare.  

Predominant grapes used are Sauvignon Blanc along with Semillon and Muscadelle varieties.

These grape varieties produce expressive wines that are round and crisp.   

 Geographical area of the grape harvest and wine making is carried out in the following approved areas;

Gironde: Anglade, Berson, Blaye, Braud et Saint Louis, Campugnan, Cars, Cartelegue, Cavignac, Cezac, Civrac de Blaye, Cubnezais, Donnezac, Etauliers, Eyrans, Ovens, Generac, Laruscade, Marcenais, Marcillac, Marsas, Mazion, Plassac, Pleine Selve, the part of the town of Pugnac, Reignac, Saint Androny,Saint Aubin de Blaye, Saint Caprais de Blaye, Saint Christoly de Blaye, Saint Ciers sur Gironde, Saint Genes de Blaye, Saint Girons d'Aiguevives, Saint Mariens, Saint Martin Lacaussade, Saint Palais, Saint Paul, Saint Savin, Saint Seurin de Cursac, Saint Vivien de Blaye, Saint Yzan de Soudiac and Saugon.

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