Cotes de Bordeaux Saint Macaire


Appellation Cotes de Bordeaux Saint Macaire is reserved for white wines located south east ( Green ) within the Bordeaux wine region as seen in our Bordeaux wine glass. 

The geographical area of cotes de Bordeaux Saint Macaire is located on the right bank of the Garonne,  situated 40 kilometers from Bordeaux, upstream of the Garonne and near Langon.

The territory covers ten municipalities in the department of Gironde, all enjoying a good temperate climate influenced by the Garonne valley.

wines come from the following grape varieties: muscadelle, sauvignon, sauvignon gris and Semillon.  

To comply to the regulations, the vines have a minimum planting density of 4,500 vines per hectare

The dry and semi sweet wines come from grapes with a good maturity and the sweet wines come from over ripe grapes with presence of noble rot.  The sweet wines are exclusively from hand picked grapes that are then manually sorted.  

The semi sweet wines are the subject of ageing until at least the 15th December of the year of harvest.

Sweet wines are subject of ageing at least until the 15th March of the year following the harvest.  After the rearing period the semi sweet wines are marketed to the consumer from the 1st February of the year following the harvest.  At the end of the rearing period, the sweet wines are able to be marketed to the consumers from 1st April of the year following the year of harvest.

White wines with ferment able sugars account for the bulk of the production,  where as the production of dry white wines are more confidential.  

Cotes de Bordeaux Saint Macaire wines present great aromatic complexity with notes of citrus, honey and spices. 

The grape harvest, wine making and development also ageing of the wines are guaranteed in the territory in the following municipalities in the Gironde department:

Caudrot, Le Pian sur Garonne, Saint Andre du Bois, Saint Laurent du Bois, Saint Laurent du Plan, St. Macarius, St. Martial, Saint Martinde Sescas,
Saint Pierre d'Aurillac and Sainte Foy la Longue.

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