How we work

Our site offers speed and choice for all buyers since the listed wines are categorised by unique search filters. It is therefore possible for buyers to be directly connected with the sellers in order to benefit from direct sale prices.


This platform is free for wine sellers, but it is payable service for buyers who want to have access to all portfolio information. This means that the profits from this platform are created by the wine buyers and not sellers .


All buyers who wish to be a member of our platform, and before giving them access to information, must first be verified. Our team meticulously reviews every request for access by verifying all the information given, including SIRET numbers, the names of the buyers and their companies etc ... This guarantees you to be contacted only with serious and professional buyers.


Also, the other wine sellers do not have access to your profile, so, each seller keeps his information private (prices, stocks etc ...) only visible for the buyers members of our site who have paid to have access to them.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Phone: +33 (0)5 57 42 59 74


Address: 2 Bavolier, St christoly de Blaye, 33920 Gironde France

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