Listrac Medoc

Listrac Medoc Appellation is reserved for red still wine, located North West ( Blue ) within the Bordeaux wine region as seen in our Bordeaux wine glass. 

Listrac Medoc is situated more distant from the ocean and river than any other appellation, 15 kilometers northwest of the city of Bordeaux.

The village is best known as one of the six appellations of the great wine growing regions of the Medoc.

Listrac estates are situated on the roof of the Medoc which puts them approximately 40 meters above sea water, with gravelly hills and surrounded with limestone, clay and chalk soils. 

The grape harvest, vinification and the rearing of the wines are assured in the commune Listrac Medoc.  

To comply with regulation, the plantation density of the vines is set to a minimum of 7,000 vines per hectare.   The soils are also more shallow here than in surrounding areas which means the vine roots do not run very deep.  Due to excellent natural drainage and to the relative freshness coming from the nearby pine forest, the grapes on vines mature slowly and regularly within this area. 

Listrac Medoc produces around 32,000 hectoliters of wine which is thought to be produced by some 75 winegrowers.   They are producing some of the most structured wines in the Region and often are characterized as being tannic medium bodied reds with black currant and liquorice flavors. Full bodied and powerful in their youth the wines become velvety and fleshy after 5-10 years.

The wines are subject to an ageing until the 31st August following the year’s harvest.  Wines are then made available to the consumer from the 15th September following the year’s harvest

  Join us and discover all the Wonderful wines that the Listrac Medoc appellation has to offer you and your company. 

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