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And you, what do you do ?

Bordeaux-Vineyards provides an online platform for linking businesses to businesses, thus optimising trade between commercial buyers and sellers of Bordeaux wines.

For each seller we create a unique account and list their wines in our portfolio which is exclusively visible to our global subscribers "buyers" approved by our service.

Our site offers speed and choice for all buyers since the listed wines are categorised by unique search filters. It is therefore possible for buyers to be directly connected with the sellers in order to benefit from direct sales prices.


What makes Bordeaux-Vineyards unique?

 We exclusively represent Bordeaux wines and do not take commission.

Sellers can edit and update their wine profile information directly on

All requests from buyers are directly transmitted to the sellers, thus making communication between the two, simple and possible 365 days a year.


How does Bordeaux-Vineyards work?

Bordeaux-Vineyards list all Bordeaux wines including technical details, photos, your phone number, your e-mail address, your mailing address and a direct link to your website for free.

You must be the owner and not the sales representative or the dealer representing the chateau, estate or brand.

NB: when wines are sold only through merchants, Bordeaux-Vineyards lists the necessary contact information of the merchants and the distribution of wines.

Our buyers contact you directly with their requests, taking into account the prices, the variation of the stocks and the vintage.


Is Bordeaux-Vineyards a paid site?

Our service is free for sellers, producers and merchants of Bordeaux wines to list their products in our portfolio.

Commercial buyers must subscribe to a subscription to access our portfolio of Bordeaux wines.


Which buyers are members of our service?

Our buyers range from importers and distributors from the United States to China. Agents looking for wines for monopoly states, to the smallest independent producers in the Caribbean. Our customer base is global. 

We do not allow individuals to subscribe to our service. All buyers are verified and approved before access to our portfolio is available.


Why was Bordeaux-Vineyards created?

Bordeaux-Vineyards was created in order to provide a communication platform, considered as the missing piece in order to connect wine producers and potential professional buyers from all over the world.

 The idea began small, with buyers disappointed after spending hours looking for a Bordeaux wine matching specific criteria.

With so many passionate growers, the idea landed in fertile lands allowing it to flourish and flourish.


What if I want to exhibit specials or promote my wine on your site?

We offer you the opportunity to highlight your wines, on, to expose to all commercial buyers your promotions.

Our list of buyers, which grows every day, will also be informed by mail, on a regular basis, of offers and promos, to keep the Bordeaux wine on their 'must-have' list.


Do we have to review together the vintages and our current prices?

We provide a price guide for the wine you list. If we add the exact price, we can then supply the vintage.

We understand that prices vary from vintage to vintage, however prices do not vary dramatically, so we have also categorised them into a price range.



The world market for wine production is evolving rapidly.

At Bordeaux-Vineyards, we recognise the need to develop the Bordeaux wine brand to remain at the forefront of the wine world.


If we have not answered your questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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