Saint Georges Saint Emilion

Appellation Saint Georges Saint Emilion is reserved for red still wines, located East ( Purple ) within the Bordeaux wine region as seen in our Bordeaux wine glass. 

Saint Georges Saint Emilion appellation is located 45 kilometers from Bordeaux overlooking the River Barbanne, a village a few miles north of Saint Emilion town.

Saint Georges is located so close to the neighboring village of Montagne that its wines can carry either name.

In the middle of the 20th century, several boundaries were changed and the villages of Lussac, Montagne, Puisseguin and Saint Georges were granted their own independent Saint Emilion appellations.

Family producing vineyards remain at the heart of the appellation and approximately covers 200 hectares with an average annual production of 900 hectoliters.

To comply with regulations, the vineyards have a minimum planting density of 5,500 vines per hectare.   

The vineyards of Saint Georges Saint Emilion produces only red wines mainly dominant in the Merlot grape variety. Wines are powerful, round and are deep in colour, intense aromas of red fruits frequently evolving towards a spicy bouquet.

Assembled with other grape varieties, including Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, brings freshness, good acidity and structure increasing ageing potential of the wines and aromatic complexity.

The harvest of the grapes and wine making are insured in the territory of the commune of Montagne in the territory of Gironde department.  This also includes the cadastral sections 410A1, 410A2, 410B2, 410B3 and 410B4.   Corresponding to the territory of the former commune of Saint Georges as it was defined before its merger with the common Montagne on the 1st March 1973.

The wines are subject to a rearing of at least until the 15th March the year following that of the harvest,  after this rearing period the wines are then made available to the consumer as from the 31st March of the year following that of the harvest.

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