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I am a​ private individual looking to purchase Bordeaux wines, can I access Bordeaux-vineyards.com wine database?

No. Our wine database is exclusively reserved for wine and spirit professionals only. 

If you are a private individual searching for Bordeaux wines, please contact us with your requirements or sign up as a wine club member.


What type of buyers are able to register and purchase a membership plan?

All buyers wanting to access Bordeaux-Vineyards.com, must prove to be a registered company trading within the wine and alcohol industry, such as an Importer/wholesaler/Distributor. If you are a reseller, please contact us.  


Can I order and pay for wines directly from Bordeaux-Vineyards?

Bordeaux vineyards does not currently offer this service. Bordeaux Vineyards is an online platform for buyers and sellers to connect direct.


What are the minimum order requirements?

Minimum order quantities are set at (600 bottles) to all wines listed.

Some larger Chateaux may not be prepared to lower their quantities, perhaps a smaller Chateau could be more willing, the outcome will vary depending on several factors such as the relationship, timing, or the prospects for future business.


What does Bordeaux-Vineyards do?

Bordeaux-vineyards.com acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers of Bordeaux wines.

We offer a B-to-B (business to business) platform that provides the most comprehensive visual list of Bordeaux wines available now, offering  contact details, price range or exact price where supplied including technical details for every single wine listed. 

We connect you, the buyer. When a wine is not sold directly and is only available for sale through a Bordeaux wine merchant, a list of wine merchants selling the wine is supplied. We aim to make life as simple as possible, fulfil your unique needs 365 days a year.


I am searching for a specific Vintage, within a certain appellation and price range, can Bordeaux Vineyards help? 

Yes. We are able to e-mail every relevant winery on your behalf with your exact requirements, as long as you are an approved buyer with an active buyers plan account.


I have found the wine(s) that match my requirements, how do I get samples?

You or us must contact the Chateaux directly. Please note that many Chateaux are now requesting that the buyer pays the postage fee of sending wine samples. Do not feel offended, this is very normal as it can be an expensive process for the Chateaux, especially the smaller ones. 

Most, if not all Chateaux will credit your account (postage fee) when an order is placed. If you require assistance in requesting wine samples, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.


Do I have to pay to have a buyers account?

Yes. All buyers are charged for having access to our online database of Bordeaux wines. Once your account has been approved, priced plans are available for you to purchase within your account.


Does Bordeaux Vineyards charge commission?

No. We do not charge commission to our buyers.


Why does Bordeaux Vineyards charge a membership fee rather than taking commission from our buyers?

Bordeaux Vineyards work is to provide our buyers with unique detailed information.  

We provide choice, speed and respond to your detailed requests 365 days a year.


If we have not answered your question(s), please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you and will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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